How to sell an eBay auction, with an eye on the price

A lot of people think auction sites are a good place to find rare items, but a lot of sellers don’t always get their money back, according to an auctioneer.

And they can be costly.

Sarah Murphy, auctioneer at Johnston-on-Sea auctioneers, says people can expect to pay around £500 ($826) for an item if they find it on eBay.

“The average auctioneer I work with will expect the average price to be £500,” she says.

Murphy says she has sold items on eBay for more than £1 million and says her clients usually pay more than they should.

The key thing is to sell the item for the right price, she says, not just because it is rare but because it could be a great gift for a friend.

If you’re selling an item that you think might be a bargain but don’t have a high bid, Murphy says you should talk to the buyer.

“If they don’t know you, then they should ask the buyer to put them down.”

Murphy says if you are selling a rare item, then you can use the “buyer beware” sign on your eBay account.

“You can use it to say: ‘If you want to sell this item, you’ll need to go through this process,'” she says: “This is a seller’s item and you can’t put it down.”

If you find a seller who says they can’t sell the thing, Murphy suggests you go to a buyer protection agency, or “buyers agent”.

These agents can be called by sellers who don’t want to take legal action against their sellers.

Murphy has seen some sellers get their items back after a few months, but others don’t.

“Some buyers don’t like to take that risk, but if they’re looking to sell, they might think, ‘I’ll give it another go’.” Murphy says buyers should check the item is in good condition before bidding.

“They might not think it’s a very good item if it doesn’t have any wear or tear,” she explains.

Murphy advises sellers to keep track of the items they are selling, including where they are going, when they will be in auction and the dates they will go into auction.

“I think it would be a good idea to do that, especially if you’re a high-profile seller.”

When bidding on an item, Murphy recommends buyers look for the following: a good, genuine, well-made piece that has been in the same condition for a while.

Murphy also says buyers can get the item as a gift if they want, but that is not a good way to sell it.

Buyers should also look at the seller’s previous auctions and how many times the item has been sold.

“That will tell you if the seller will be able to sell a piece of art that they can actually afford to sell,” Murphy says.

“And they should be careful not to give up their best part for something that isn’t really theirs.”

Murphy also recommends buying a limited edition piece of artwork to add to an item.

She says a good one is worth at least £500, or at least a decent art piece, if you want something that is worth a bit more than it is on eBay, but not more than what a regular piece would be.

A lot of people think auction sites are a good place to find rare items, but a lot of sellers…