The world’s top auto auctions are live, with new deals on sale, according to a new report

NEW DELHI (AP) India’s auto auctions have already been busy, with major automakers bidding on new models and new technologies.

But as the country prepares to start a major overhaul of its economy, the auctions are now likely to see some more big announcements.

Here’s a look at the big players:Tesla, a $5.5 trillion conglomerate with about 40,000 employees worldwide, is among the big names expected to bid on new vehicles in India, with several models due for release by the end of this year.

Tesla’s biggest model is the Model X SUV, which is expected to be the first mass-market vehicle in the country, and will likely be one of the top sellers.

Tesla’s Model X crossover is the only model that will be available in India.

It’s not just automakers that are interested in the Model 3, as several Indian automakers are also working on the Model 4 SUV.

The government’s decision to phase out diesel vehicles in 2019 is expected for the Model S and the Model Y crossover, which will be the most affordable and environmentally friendly SUV available in the market.

The government also has a long list of projects it wants to complete.

It wants to build an airport, a highway, a railway and a national park.

A road construction project, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is also in the works.

The largest auction, the Rs. 5,000 crore Indias Auto Auction (AA) is expected in 2018, but there is speculation that it could be moved up to 2022.

The AA is expected sell about 10 million vehicles a year and is expected as the largest sale of a single brand in the Indian auto industry.

The auction will take place at the Jaipur Convention Centre, and is one of four auctions taking place at a time in India in a bid to boost its image as a global hub.

The second largest auction is scheduled for 2019, and has been billed as a showcase for Indian manufacturers to sell to global buyers.

It’s the third major auction to be held at the Indian Convention Centre.

The third auction is slated for 2022, and it’s the fourth major auction held in the event of a prolonged drought in India’s arid southern states.

NEW DELHI (AP) India’s auto auctions have already been busy, with major automakers bidding on new models and new technologies.But…