Why does the sale of cars sell out faster than it used to?

The sale of the next generation Ford Focus and Audi A3 has become a more common occurrence this year, with a third of the cars sold last month selling out before the end of the day.

But despite a spate of high-profile deals, most of the sales have not been big ones, as they tend to sell out quickly.

The average sale price of a new Ford Focus was $27,945 on Monday, up from $23,000 in 2015, according to Autotrader.com, while the average price of the Audi A2 was $21,000, up $5,000 from last year.

Last year, the average sale of a 2015 Ford Fiesta was $34,500, up a mere $6,000 over the same period.

Last month, the Ford Focus sold out in just 20 minutes at an Autotrack auction in North Carolina.

This year, dealers have reported selling out of more than 90% of the car models they’re selling.

Autotrack, an online car-buying service, estimated the average auction for a 2016 Ford Fiesta would sell out in 45 minutes.

But in contrast, the sale for a 2014 Volkswagen Golf went quickly.

Its average auction cost was $26,750, while its average price was $22,000.

The Volkswagen Golf, which has become the most popular car among Americans in recent years, sold out for less than two minutes in a $7,500 sale in Northampton, Massachusetts, in December.

The Ford Fiesta is a popular vehicle for many Americans, especially young people, with more than 7 million cars sold between March and September last year, according, and Ford says it expects to sell over 2 million Focus vehicles in 2018.

But for many car buyers, they will not wait for the next one, and are instead buying their first car.

While the average dealership price is $27.75 for the new Ford Fiesta, a buyer could pay $40,000 or more for the Volkswagen Golf.

Ford says it has not yet identified the best price for the 2019 Ford Focus.

The Fiesta has also been the subject of controversy, as it is not included in the US’ federal fuel economy guidelines.

Ford also said in November it will replace the Fiesta’s electric powertrain with a petrol engine, after a court ruled that the company had to change the design to meet fuel economy standards.

The sale of the next generation Ford Focus and Audi A3 has become a more common occurrence this year, with…