What the car auction site is really for: Dealers or car buyers?

A new car auction website that lets car buyers see what their vehicles are worth in real-time has raised the ire of a car buyer.

The car auction giant, CARB, has launched a new website called CARB Auto Auction, which lets you view the real-world value of cars for sale in real time.

It has raised $3.3 million in venture funding from venture capital firms.”CARB Auto auction is not a car dealer.

CARB is not interested in making money,” says the CARB website, which was created in October.

“CARB is committed to helping people make smarter, smarter decisions on cars.”

CarB Auto is an extension of CarB Holdings, a subsidiary of Ford, which acquired the online auctioning business from the company that ran it, CARBITO in January.

The sale of CARB to Ford was finalized last year.

CarBAuto has been under fire from car buyers who say it is a scam.

“I’ve never been an AutoB user, so I can’t comment on CARB’s business practices,” wrote one commenter on the CARBITo website.

The company says CARBAuto is an online marketplace that is a product of CARBITOCO, a partnership between CaribB and Carbito.

The partnership allows CARB Automotive to offer cars on its site for sale on its website without the need for a dealer.

CarbAuto is also a part of the CarBuying Club, an online auction platform that has more than 50,000 members.

CARBCay is the largest CARB member site in the world, according to CARB.

CarBuyingClub is a popular marketplace for car buyers, but it’s not the only one.

CarDollar Auto, which is part of an auto auction company called AutoBid, also runs CARB and CARBCash, but has been criticised by some car buyers for being too focused on sales, rather than on what cars are worth.

“It’s really frustrating because CARB has a lot of customers that are buying cars, but they don’t get to see what they’re buying,” says CarBuidingClub.

CarDeals, another CARB-owned auto auction site, has attracted criticism from some car shoppers who say the company’s website offers too many features, including auto-repair guides, ads and a car price comparison tool.

CarData, a company that helps car buyers find new cars, also has faced criticism for being “too focused on the sale,” says one commenter.

“CarData has a really low traffic and has no way of actually tracking a vehicle’s price or location, so they have to rely on people who buy cars to help them find their new car,” says another commenter.

CarDealers is a car auction company that also lets buyers see the real value of their vehicles, and is owned by an investment group led by Ford.

CarDevs, another car dealer site, also says it is not part of CARBIA and is not responsible for CARB auctions.

CarCarB has been open to car buyers from around the world since launching in November, and its website now lists more than 60,000 car owners.

“We’ve never had an issue of any kind with any car or auto auction sites,” said CARB CEO Andrew Ritchie in a statement to Bloomberg.

“It’s always been a pure car-buying platform and the platform has been very successful in helping consumers find great deals and cars.”

A new car auction website that lets car buyers see what their vehicles are worth in real-time has raised the…